Music Venue

Tempo Blacksburg


TEMPO is a performance venue in the heart of Downtown Blacksburg, Virginia.

Owned and operated by an acclaimed classical pianist and Blacksburg resident, TEMPO functions as a community arts center.

TEMPO puts the stress on cultural variety, neighborhood conviviality, and being an intimate, warm venue where the audience can fully appreciate artists.

We sell no food or alcohol. Providing or welcoming food/drinks negotiable.

Located in a storefront on Main Street, walking distance to Virginia Tech and located next to Idego Coffee, the Farmer’s Market and Virginia Tech’s Recording Studio, the location is ideal for performances.


Tempo Tempo Studios




  • Bright space, great acoustics, flexible layout
  • Lots of foot traffic, located on the busiest street in the heart of Downtown Blacksburg in a storefront.
  • Steps from the Farmer’s Market, Idego Coffee, restaurants, bars, and stores.
  • Walking distance to Virginia Tech and Lane Stadium
  • 5’8 Yamaha Grand Piano, excellent condition – suited for fine classical performances.
  • Upright Baldwin Piano, refurbished in great condition
  • Seven (7) Yamaha weighted keyboards (can be used for group piano)
  • Florescent and ambient lighting.
  • Adaptable, flexible layout and seating.
  • Oriental rugs, chaise lounges, modern seating.
  • Venue restroom


There are two pricing option structures to choose from:

  1. A split of the door: first $100 minimum to TEMPO. Any amount made on door over $100 goes to artist(s). TEMPO will collaborate with artist to assist with concert promotion. – OR –
  2. Flat fee as follows: Hourly rate: $50/hr. 2 hour minimum

Please contact or call 540.553.4136 to talk with our artist booker!